Infinite Monsters

Infinite Monsters 1.0.3

Shooting everything in your path

Infinite Monsters is another casual shoot em up game. View full description


  • Good gameplay
  • No learning curve


  • Repetitive


Infinite Monsters is another casual shoot em up game.

The purpose in Infinite Monsters is to shoot and kill all the monsters on a level as you walk through. Near the end there is a boss monster that you kill to continue. Gameplay is repetitive because all you need to do is hold the direction button and mash on the shoot button.

Infinite Monsters does offer different weapons, but there are not any reload animations so you can fire the default pistol like a machine gun if you can press the screen fast enough. You are also given power ups that have different effects, like a shield or grenade that freezes enemies for a short time.

Infinite Monsters is not really difficult, but the same basic motions throughout each level. It is good if you want to play a quick game, but do not spend a lot of time playing the game or you will see how shallow the gameplay is.

Infinite Monsters is an average game that has decent gameplay, but not much else.

Infinite Monsters


Infinite Monsters 1.0.3